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Over the last two centuries we have witnessed giant improvements in the quality of our life, much of which owes their major impetus to accomplishments in natural sciences at large and physics in particular. Discoveries in physics have led to the advancement in all of the sciences and to the developments of new technologies which have dramatically transformed modern-day society. It is hard to imagine our technology-driven world without the underlying modern physics, from a sweeping change of paradigms introduced by theory of relativity and quantum mechanics to the invention of a little device known as semiconductor. KIAS aspires to serve as a basin of fundamental knowledge that will play a pivotal role in the advancement of human civilization. With such an aim in view, the School of Physics today conducts research in broad areas of theoretical physics; string & field theory, particle physics, statistical physics, condensed matter physics, and astrophysics & cosmology


  • P/C Seminar (Phys/QUC)

  • Phys/QUC Conference (Phys/QUC)


Research Fellows