Professor Yong Baek Kim

(School of Physics)


Professor Yong Baek Kim has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Professor Sangkook Choi

(School of Computational Sciences)


Sangkook Choi is a condensed matter theorist. He is interested in emergent phenomena in quantum materials and their application to quantum information science. To this end, he develops and applies cutting-edge ab initio methodologies based on many body perturbation theory, dynamical mean field theory, and machine-learning algorithms.

Professor Sang-hyun Kim

(School of Mathematics)


Sang-hyun Kim's research is focusing on algebraic structures of diffeomorphism groups.

The main object of his study is the diffeomorphism group of a smooth manifold. 

For a smooth manifold M and for a real number p≥1, we let Diff(M;p) be the group of Cp diffeomorphisms of M. He studys algebraic properties of these groups, in a geometric group theoretic viewpoint.

Professor Donghui Jeong

(School of Physics)


Donghui studies the origin and evolution of the Universe as well as the fundamental physics governing them by observing the large-scale structure. He established the galaxy bias model connecting matter distribution and galaxy distribution and invented the method of constraining dark-matter particle mass from the black hole’s mass function in the sub-solar mass range. Currently, he is preparing the AI to map the dark-matter distribution from the peculiar velocity field that will come from the A-SPEC galaxy survey.

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