The KIAS Springer Series
in Mathematics


The KIAS Springer Series in Mathematics publishes original content in the form of high level research monographs, lecture notes, proceedings and contributed volumes as well as advanced textbooks in English language only, in any field of Pure and Applied Mathematics. 

Professor Young-Hoon Kiem

Young-Hoon Kiem, School of Mathematics, is an algebraic geometer who has been mainly working on moduli spaces, intersection theory, enumerative invariants and related areas.     He likes to study geometry of moduli spaces and investigate enumerative virtual invariants.

Kyeongsu Choi has won
the Young Scientist Award


Professor Kyeongsu Choi of the School of Mathematics, who is recognized for 'establishing the well-posedness theorem around stable singularities of the mean curvature flow',  has won the 2022 'Young Scientist Award'.

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