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imagine the impossible

불가능 해 보이는 것을 상상하고 탐구하는 공간입니다.

Korea Institute for Advanced Study was fonunded in 1996 by Korean Government to promote research excellence in the basic sciences.
As a flagship of the basic sciences in the region, KIAS provides a venue for advanced learning and active discovery of new ideas.
For someone like me who studies biology, as the field changes very quickly, continuous interaction with people from the outside through active conferences and workshops is probably most important.
(Changbong Hyeon, KIAS professor, Computational Sciences)

KIAS` mission is to help researchers do what they want and simultaneously contribute to the country and humanity.
(MahnWon Kim, 3rd President of KIAS, Professor of Physics)

(JongHae Keum, 6th President of KIAS, Professor of Mathematics)
KIAS is a research institute dedicated to basic science, studying the principles hidden behind all phenomena from the birth of the Universe today.
KIAS consists of three departments mathematics, which studies numbers and spaces, theoretical physics which tries to understand all physical phenomena from a fundamental perspective and computational science which requires use of supercomputers.
When you work, want to do something, have a problem, or are curious about something, the most common thing i do is to ask others.

(Piljin Yi, KIAS Professor, School of Physics)
I ask questions to professors, researchers, and even graduate students, and answers along the way.
Sometimes i give them the answer or come up with an answer while asking a question, and i think this means i am constantly learning.
Along the way, I get the answer either by others or by myself.
This means i am still learning.
I still have a lot more to learn, and (KIAS) is the most fun school i have been to.
One of the things i like about KIAS is openness.

(Myungshik Kim, KIAS Professor, Computational Sciences, Professor of Imperial College London, Physics)
And i think that openness comes from the confidence of the institution.
Its is also one of the missions of KIAS, and i think KIAS can accomplish that mission.
because of its confidence and passion.
The openness allows people want to work hard together.

We are on a journey of creating new knowledge for the future world.

(Jeong Han Kim, KIAS Professor, Computational Sciences)
I believe the ultimate goal of KIAS is to become an attractive institution for people who think deep and wants to do research.
At KIAS, every day, many researchers gather together, discuss, imagine, think, and struggle to expand the boundary of our questions and understanding.
The motto of the Korea Institute for Advanced Study is, "Imagine the impossible."

(Jaigyoung Choe, President of KIAS, Mathematics)
The School of Mathematics challenges itself to difficult problems that have gone unsolved for decades or even centuries.
The School of Physics strives to do research that will uncover the secrets of the universe and matter.
And the School of Computational Sciences uses computation on a vast scale to unravel the mysteries of nature.
KIAS is a place that brings together internationally renowned professors and postdoctoral fellows brimming with enthusiasm, and which is visited by eminent domestic and foreign scholars.
The primary motivation behind our research is nothing other than curiosity.
That`s why KIAS stands at curiosity`s forefront.
It is the cradle of creativity, and the stage on which imagination stands.
Korean Institute for Advanced Study is a place where you can grab hold of new ideas wherever you reach out your hand.
Please keep watching to see what research results KIAS will achieve along the difficult road of the search for truth.

Sometimes people ask
Why are you researching basic science?
We answer
The prosperity we enjoy today is
a product of basic science developed over many generations in the past.
The passion and effort
for finding the beautiful secrets hidden in the essence of the Nature
are the most primal driving force of humanity.
We believe
that our quest and imagination for the impossible
will raise the world to a higher level
and be a precious gift for the future generations.
just like it has for the last 20 years!