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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

A World’s leading research institute where international elite scholoars gather and dedicateto fundamental research in basic sciences.

The Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) was founded to fulfill the following goals:

  • Leading the promotion of science and technology in Korea to a world-class level
  • Training young scientists that will enrich science and society as a whole
  • Generating new knowledge in basic sciences

KIAS aims to achieve its mission through innovative research programs, a strong faculty body of distinguished scientists, and an efficient support system.

History Highlights

History Highlight

In the early 1990's, after the Republic of Korea achieved economic and social stability, the idea of establishing a world-class research institute wholly dedicated to basic sciences began to take root. Finally, in 1996, KIAS embarked on her journey with only three professors and three research fellows in mathematics and physics.

The institute was the first of her kind in Korean history to invest strategically in theoretical basic sciences. As KIAS's principal role was, and is, to carry out fundamental research, the Institute began her operation with mathematics and theoretical physics. In 2003, Computational Sciences was additionally introduced.

Now nearing the 20th anniversary, the Institute is highly-regarded in many disciplines of basic sciences. Members of KIAS publish their research results in top international journals, and some members have been invited as guest speakers to prestigious international conferences. KIAS also attracts outstanding postdoctoral fellows as members and hosts renowned scientists, including Nobel laureates and Fields medalists. As the flagship of basic sciences, KIAS continues her efforts to bring a brighter future for the next generation.