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  • Advanced Computation

    The KIAS Center for Advanced Computation provides KIAS scientists and collaborators with tools for large-scale numerical computation for disciplines such as quantum informatics, protein structure study and bio-physics, mathematical information science, astrophysics and cosmology, statistical and condensed physics, and high energy particle physics (accelerator and QCD).

  • Mathematical Challenges

    The KIAS Center for Mathematical Challenges aims to become an international Mecca for the solving of unsolved mathematical problems, such as the Millenium Prize Problems and to encourage young post-doc mathematicians worldwide to participate freely in these challenges.

  • Quantum Universe

    Quantum Universe Center promotes research activities to discover and share new insights on fundamental matters and forces, condensed matter and emergent phenomena, quantum information, and quantum-inspired mathematics.

  • AI and Natural Sciences

    Intelligence is a phenomenon that emerges from the activity of neural networks that comprise the brain of living organisms. KIAS Center for Artificial Intelligence and Natural Sciences, which was founded in 2021, aims to develop and utilize the algorithm of intelligence through its fundamental understandings based on mathematics and physics.

  • Open KIAS

    The Open KIAS Center serves as a platform for both international and domestic academic cooperations, inviting renowned scientists and organizing programs for the general public.

  • Transdisciplinary Program

    KIAS Transdisciplinary Research Program (TDR) aims to extend the horizon of minds through vibrant interactions among overly divided disciplines. This KIAS program is an intellectual challenge that can enable the diverse groups of scholars to develop new common view and insights to Nature and our Being. It is hoped that the science community will be benefited with new perspectives from such interactions.