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KIAS Transdisciplinary Research Program (TDR) aims to extend the horizon of minds through vibrant interactions among overly divided disciplines. This KIAS program is an intellectual challenge that can enable the diverse groups of scholars to develop new common view and insights to Nature and our Being. It is hoped that the science community will be benefited with new perspectives from such interactions.

Transdisciplinary Research Program diagram Transdisciplinary Research Program diagram

KIAS Transdisciplinary Research Planning Committee

  • Park, Changbom | KIAS | Astrophysics & Cosmology
  • Chun, Eungjin | KIAS | Particle Physics
  • Son, Youngwoo | KIAS | Theoretical and Computational Materials Science
  • Kim, Sang-hyun   | KIAS |  Geometric Group Theory
  • Kim Beomjun | SKKU | Statistical Physics
  • Lee, Sang Uck | Hanyang University | Philosophy
  • Ham, Sungho | Poet, Architect
  • Mun, Hye Jin | Contemporary art critic 

Operational Support