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About Center for AI and Natural Sciences

Intelligence is a phenomenon that emerges from the activity of neural networks that comprise the brain of living organisms. KIAS Center for Artificial Intelligence and Natural Sciences, which was founded in 2021, aims to develop and utilize the algorithm of intelligence through its fundamental understandings based on mathematics and physics. An important axis of our research is (1) understanding the emergence of intelligence and (2) its application to each field of basic science.

The main focus of AI research, led actively by computer engineers, is currently on its applications in industry. Despite the importance of such activity, it is also time to consider a new class of AI by asking fundamental questions as to the mathematical structure and physical underpinnings of intelligence. Given that basic sciences have advanced AI and that AI has in turn offered hints at a solution of challenging problems in basic sciences, ranging from material sciences, to biology, and to cosmology, basic sciences and AI are complementary to each other. Based on an array of ideas and tools developed in advanced mathematics, theoretical physics, and computational sciences, we aim to develop an interpretable and controllable AI that naturally follows the principles of nature. As an AI hub where experts in various fields can get together to have in-depth discussions, we want to lay the groundwork for leading AI innovation.