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Support the Institute

Gift for Tomorrow / Cradle of Great Scientific Minds in the 21st Century Korea Institute for Advanced Study/We invite you to come on board with us in our journey to advance basic science in Korea.


Korea Institute for Advanced Study was founded on October 1996, with a strong commitment to the excellence in basic sciences, by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea. The mission of KIAS embraces training young scientists to generate knowledge in basic sciences, and the promotion of science and technology in Korea to a world-class level. By supporting KIAS, you can become a part of this important mission.

KIAS depends on a unique financial partnership between government funding and private donors to carry on its missions. Since its inception, KIAS has invested in the support of fundamental research in basic science (Mathematics, Physics, Computational Sciences), and has successfully secured its standing as a world class research institute. Now in its 13th year, we need your support more than ever to maintain our status as a leading global research institute in basic sciences. Your continuous interest and support will lay the seed for future science in Korea.

  • There are many different ways you can help, make a difference today!
    • Who: Anyone and everyone including corporations, organizations, and individuals
    • What: cash, stocks or bonds, securities or appreciated assets, or fixed property
    • How: Internet (, Phone 02-958-3888 or Fax 02-958-377 e-mail
  • At any level, your gift will make a difference. Make a contribution today, and enjoy exclusive privileges accorded to all Supporting Friends!
    • Regular Fund: Your donation will be used for a KIAS priority business
    • Designated Fund: Your donation will be used for a specific purpose that you name.
    • Benefits for all our Supporting Friends include:
      • Grant of KIAS Supporting Friends membership
      • Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation
      • Free delivery of KIAS publications
      • Acknowledgment of your support in the KIAS Annual Report and Newsletter
      • Inscription of the property name you specifically give on fixed property you donate
      • Opportunity to meet the KIAS members or renowned visitors including Nobel laureates at KIAS special events

All contributions are fully tax-deductible.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your professional financial advisor. To wire funds to the Institute, Woori Bank 254-040273-01-001 (account holder: Korea Institute for Advanced Study).

If you have any questions regarding a gift to Korean Institute for Advanced Study, or if you would like to inform us of your plans to bequest a gift:Contact Chan Yong Lee at 02-958-3888 or e-mail