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Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

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Campus Facilities

There are various facilities for KIAS members and visitors in the campus.


KIAS library contains books and journals in basic sciences. It is open from 9:00AM to 6:00PM during weekdays. While books are available for check out, reference materials and journals cannot be taken out of the library.


There are several types of accommodations such as apartments, dormitories. You can find more information about reservations and details here.


There are two types of restaurants in the union building. The cafeteria on the 2nd floor serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lunch is available on the 4th floor as well. In addition, the Atrium of Building #2 serves lunch as well as baked goods and beverages. More information regarding working hours and prices are provided here. You may also find other restaurants outside the campus: click here to see the map.

Other Facilities

There are other facilities (bookstore, convenience store, post office, bank, and so on) in the campus. Click here for more information.