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Visitor Handbook

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  • Preparing a trip to KIAS
  • Upon Arrival at KIAS
  • Leaving KIAS
  • KIAS Campus map
  • Staff Directory
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Leaving KIAS
Leaving KIAS
  • Activity Report
    • All KIAS visitors are required to complete their research activity reports via the form provided in the welcome packet. Please submit your report to your hosting School/Center at least three days before the end of your visit. Visitors are also encouraged to submit copies of preprints and publications related to research conducted during their stay at KIAS.
  • Keys
    • If you leave KIAS during non-business hours, please return your office key, guest house key, and building entry card to the Key Return Box, located in Rm. 1302 (Supply Room) in Bldg. 1 or Rm. 7304 (Discussion Room) in Bldg. 7. All library materials should be returned before your departure.