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Visitor Handbook

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  • Preparing a trip to KIAS
  • Upon Arrival at KIAS
  • Leaving KIAS
  • KIAS Campus map
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Upon Arrival at KIAS
Upon Arrival at KIAS

Once you reach KIAS, visit the administrative office of the School/Center hosting your visit (hereafter referred to as 'hosting School/Center') for your building entry card, guest house key, and office key. If you plan to arrive before or after business hours, contact your hosting School/Center before you depart for Korea.

  • Business Hours & Holidays
    • Regular business hours are from 09:00 to 18:00. Offices are closed on weekends, KIAS Foundation day (Oct.1), and Korean national holidays.
  • Entering KIAS Buildings
    • Visitors require building entry cards to enter the dormitories, KIAS Bldg. 1, and Bldg. 7. The locations are indicated on the KIAS Campus Map. Please keep your office locked when it is likely to be unoccupied, and keep your office key and entry card with you after 19:00. Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas of the KIAS campus.
  • Accommodations
    • Furnished apartments and dormitories are available by reservation. You may also make a request for off-campus accommodation. To make a reservation, please contact your hosting School/Center. If you require assistance during your stay in on-campus housing, please contact the maintenance staff at ext. 3899. Local call service is provided in the apartments, but only inter-institutional calls are available in the dormitory. For further information, please visit the Accommodations Page on our website.
    • Contact : Accommodations e-mail (ext. 3776)
  • Food
    • A cafeteria, Korean restaurant, and convenience store are located in the Union Building adjacent to Bldg. 1. You can also find a western-style restaurant in the Supex Bldg. (Bldg.2). For more details, please visit the Restaurants Page on our website.
  • Phone Calls
    • Inter-institutional calls can be made through on-campus phones by dialing the 4-digit extension number. To place off-campus calls, please dial 9 before dialing the area code and phone number. If you wish to make a local call within Seoul, no area code is necessary. Please contact your hosting School/Center when needing to make international calls.
  • Mails
    • All incoming and outgoing mail is handled by the administrative office of each School/Center. The campus post office is located on the 3rd floor of the Union Building. 
  • Library
    • During business hours, library services such as general reference, circulation/reservation, and material copying are available. Please consult with the librarian for other services.  During non-business hours, library facilities can be accessed with your building entry card. For more information, please visit the Library page on our website.
      Contact: (ext. 3705, 1st floor of Bldg. 8)
  • Computing
    • KIAS offers visitors computing services, including PCs, network access, and printing. Long-term visitors with assigned offices are provided with desktop PCs, while short-term visitors or workshop participants may use the computers in the library. Wireless network connections are also available in all areas of KIAS buildings. Printers, copy machines, and fax machines are located in Rm. 1302 in Bldg. 1 and in Rm. 7304 in Bldg. 7. For more details, please visit the Computing page on our website.
  • Social Gathering
    • On weekdays, coffee and refreshments are available free of charge from 15:30 to 16:30 for all KIAS members and visitors at Rm. 1402  in the Discussion Room on the 4th floor of Bldg. 1 (Mon., Wed., and Fri.), and 1st floor Lobby of KIAS Building 8 (Tue. and Thu.).
  • First Aid
    • To receive treatment for minor illnesses or injuries, visit the dispensary located on the 2nd floor of the Union Building (ext. 3277).
  • Fitness Room
    • Located in the basement of Bldg. 8, the fitness room is open to all KIAS members and visitors. The code to the digital lock can be obtained from administrative staff members upon request.
  • Parking
    • Free parking is available in designated parking areas throughout the campus. Entry-permit stickers are required for long-term visitors and can be obtained by calling ext. 3776.
  • Banking
    • A bank is located on the 3rd floor of the Union Building. Bank teller services are available from 09:30 to 10:30 and 14:30 to 15:20 on weekdays. The ATM machine is accessible from 08:00 to 22:00. Contact your hosting School/Center for more details.
  • Smoking
    • Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas of KIAS buildings.