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Public Events

Public Events

Public Events

Scientific discoveries are increasingly in the news, but are increasingly complex at the same time. As profound as their impact on our lives is, the need for communicating science to the public has become ever more imperative. KIAS recognizes and enjoys the importance and value in sharing new scientific knowledge and joys of creative inquiry with a wider community through a variety of programming.

  • Public Lecture Series
    • This very popular series of 3-4 public lectures each year takes advantage of the presence of so many distinguished scientists at the Institute. Speakers of these lectures are recipients of prestigious scientific awards including Nobel laureates, Fields Medalists, Ho-Am Prize awardees, Korea Science Prize winners, and others. Through this program, KIAS purports to communicate with general public the substance and importance of basic sciences, and promote healthy scientific culture in our society.
  • Science Educational Outreach Events
    • KIAS supports public education through high-quality outreach programs including 'n-Day Celebration', 'KIAS e-Day e-Time', 'A Field Trip to KIAS', 'Science Camp for Children', and 'Summer/Winter School for science majors', etc. The Institute's diverse educational outreach efforts for students ranging from K-12 to college level offer participants opportunities to have hands-on experiences with science. Held in the unique atmosphere of KIAS, through these public events the Institute intends to serve the advancement of science education.
  • KIAS Mentorship Program
    • KIAS operates mentoring programs for young science talents. Several prominent research members at the Institute are in formal, high-quality mentoring relationships with selected mentees of high school students. By having established scientists serve as role models, this program specifically aims to help youth succeed in their pursuit for career in science.
  • KIAS Evening Lectures