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FIELD Phys:Particle Physics
DATE September 23 (Wed), 2020
TIME 17:00-18:00
PLACE online (zoom)
SPEAKER Crivellin, Andreas
HOST Kim, Jongkuk
INSTITUTE Zurich University
TITLE Discovering New Physics with Flavour

Within recent year, flavour and low-energy precision experiments have accumulated intriguing hints for the violation of lepton flavour universality (LFU), i.e. physics beyond the Standard Model which interacts differently with electrons, muons and tau leptons. In particular, the long-standing anomaly in the anomalous magnetic moment (AMM) of the muon is now accompanied tensions in semi-leptonic B decays (most pronounced in b->smumu data) as well as its sibling, the AMM of the electron. Furthermore, also the hint for a (apparent) violation of first-row CKM unitarity can be viewed as a sign for LFU violation.

After reviewing the current experimental and theoretical status, I discuss how these anomalies can be (individually) explained in terms of NP. Furthermore, combining the explanations of different anomalies, one can predict interesting correlations with, and signatures in, other flavour observables. Furthermore, the flavour anomalies can be used to construct a compelling physics case for future colliders such as the FCC-ee and the FCC-hh.

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