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FIELD Phys:Particle Physics
DATE September 09 (Wed), 2020
TIME 16:00-18:00
PLACE online (zoom)
SPEAKER Brdar Vedran
HOST Kim, Jongkuk
INSTITUTE Max-Planck-Institut f¨ur Kernphysik
TITLE Model Independent Bounds on the Non-Oscillatory Explanations of the MiniBooNE Excess

We consider the non-oscillatory explanations of the low energy excess of events detected by MiniBooNE. We present a systematic search for phenomenological scenarios based on new physics which can produce the excess. We define scenarios as series of transitions and processes which connect interactions of accelerated protons on target with single shower events in the MiniBooNE detector. The key elements of the scenarios are production and decay of new light O(keV − 100 MeV) particles (fermions or/and bosons). We find about 20scenarios with minimal possible number of new particles and interaction points. In practice, they are all reduced to few generic scenarios and in this sense and in this way we develop
the effective theory of the MiniBooNE excess. We consider tests of these scenarios with near or close detectors in neutrino experiments T2K ND280, NOνA, MINERνA as well as in NOMAD and PS191. The scenarios allow to immediately connect the MiniBooNE excess and the expected number of new physics events in these detectors. We compute the expected number of events in these detectors as functions of lifetimes and masses of new particles and confront them with the corresponding experimental bounds. We show that practically all scenarios are excluded or strongly disfavored by one or several experiments.

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