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FIELD Computational Sciences
DATE July 18 (Thu), 2019
TIME 11:00-12:30
PLACE 7323
SPEAKER Young-Sik Ra
HOST Kim, Myungshik
INSTITUTE Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
TITLE Non-Gaussian quantum state of multimode light generated via hybrid quantum information processing

Optical quantum information processing can be classified into two categories depending on the way of encoding quantum information on light: one harnesses the particle nature (photon)−called discrete-variable approach−, and the other exploits the wave nature (electric field)−called continuous-variable approach. Basic nonclassical lights for the two are single photon and squeezed vacuum, respectively. Recently, a new field of study is emerging, called hybrid quantum information processing that combines the two conventional approaches to complement each other.

In this talk, I will present generation of non-Gaussian quantum states of multimode light based on the hybrid quantum information processing. Squeezed vacuum, which is employed in the continuous-variable approach, is a Gaussian state, which can be used to build a large-scale quantum system in a deterministic way. However, non-Gaussian features are required in some quantum protocols, especially to reach a quantum computation advantage. Single-photon subtraction used in the discrete-variable approach can provide the non-Gaussian characteristics. We have implemented a single-photon subtractor compatible with multimode Gaussian states and generated non-Gaussian multimode quantum states. The resulting non-Gaussian multimode quantum states will have broad applications for universal quantum computing, entanglement distillation, and a nonlocality test.

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