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Quantum Universe Center

Quantum Universe Center

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Quantum Universe Center

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Quantum Mechanics rules all of our Universe. Quantum Universe Center aims to become a research activity center for discovering and sharing new insights on fundamental matters and forces, condensed matter and emergent phenomena, quantum information, quantum inspired mathematics, astrophysics and cosmology. We hope such activities lead to deeper understandings of Nature and new applications in real life.

Job Opportunities

Quantum Universe Center (QUC) at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) invites applicants for the positions at the level of Research Professor and Research Fellow in pure and applied physics. Applicants are expected to have demonstrated exceptional research potential, including major contributions beyond or through the doctoral dissertation. 

KIAS Scholars
  • Annual Salary starts from 66,000,000 KRW
     (approx 58,000 USD at current exchange rate)
  • Annual Research Funds 15,000,000 KRW
    (approx. 13,000 USD at current exchange rate)
  • Initial Appointment for 2 years, may be renewable 3 years upon review

Assistant Professors & Research Fellows

  • Annual Salary starts from 48,500,000 KRW
    (approx. 43,000 USD at current exchange rate)
  • Annual Research Funds 10,000,000 KRW 
    (approx. 9,000 USD at current exchange rate)  
  • Initial Appointment for 2 years, may be renewable 2 years upon review
    * The appointment may be renewable depending on research performance, fund availability, and the needs of the research program at KIAS. The starting date of the appointment is negotiable. Applications must include complete vitae with a cover letter, a list of publications, a research plan, and three letters of recommendation. All documents should be in English. Applications are normally reviewed twice a year and the respective deadlines are June 1st and December 1st. In addition, unexpected vacancies may be filled with exceptional candidates throughout the year. Please send your application to:
    • Quantum Universe Center (QUC)
    • Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS)
    • 85 Hoegiro (Cheongnyangni-dong 207-43), Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 02455, Republic of Korea
    • Tel. +82 (0)2 958 2640/ Fax. +82 (0)2 958 2590
    • E-mail (