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Center for Mathematical Challenges

Center for Mathematical Challenges

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Center for Mathematical Challenges

Center for Mathematical Challenges Picture

About CMC
The Center for Mathematical Challenges (CMC) was established by the Korea Institute for Advanced Study(KIAS) to resolve mathematical challenges and present strategies in new fields. The CMC also seeks to serve as a global hub in solving mathematical problems and in satisfying the intellectual curiosity of young post-doc mathematicians around the world.
The CMC aspires to attain international leadership by focusing on well-known mathematical challenges (including Millennium Problems) and creating synergy as a national brand for South Korea. It will contribute to the enhancement of national competitiveness in basic science and technology, which will ultimately result in a positive impact on humanity.

* CMC is on the 3rd floor of Bld.8 of KIAS. (Administraion office is on the 2nd floor, 8204)

Research Fields
There are many challenging problems in mathematics that CMC would like to deal with. Among them the most famous are the Millennium Prize Problems.
The unsolved Millennium Prize Problems are P vs NP Problems, the Navier-Stokes Equation, the Riemann Hypothesis, the Hodge Conjecture, the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture, and the Yang-Mills Existence and Mass Gap problem.
CMC also intends to be a platform for the research in such challenging problems as the Twin Prime Conjecture, K3 Surface, the Hopf Conjecture and Yau’s Conjecture, etc.

See the figure below. Which problem is most challenging for you?

Research Fields