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In addition to regular research programs, KIAS established various special programs to diversify and broaden the spectrum of research discipline by promoting communication and collaboration with outstanding researchers worldwide.

For more information about each program, please refer to the following:

Open KIAS Center

The Open KIAS Center serves as a platform for both international and domestic academic cooperations, inviting renowned scientists and organizing programs for the general public.

Center for Advanced Computation

The KIAS Center for Advanced Computation provides KIAS scientists and collaborators with tools for large-scale numerical computation for disciplines such as quantum informatics, protein structure study and bio-physics, mathematical information science, astrophysics and cosmology, statistical and condensed physics, and high energy particle physics (accelerator and QCD).

Center for Mathematical Challenges

The KIAS Center for Mathematical Challenges aims to become an international Mecca for the solving of unsolved mathematical problems, such as the Millenium Prize Problems and to encourage young post-doc mathematicians worldwide to participate freely in these challenges.

KIAS Transdisciplinary Research Program

KIAS Transdisciplinary Research Program has been launched to bring new insight into science by nurturing interaction with different disciplines, such as humanities and art.

Quantum Universe Center

Quantum Universe Center promotes research activities to discover and share new insights on fundamental matters and forces, condensed matter and emergent phenomena, quantum information, and quantum-inspired mathematics.

Korea Dark Energy Search

The Korea Dark Energy Search (KDES) dedicates to the research of the evolution of large-scale cosmic structure and the nature of dark energy by participating in international space exploration projects.

Special Grants

Special grant programs, based on external research funds awarded to KIAS members, provide more opportunity for collaboration with various researchers.