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Computational Sciences


Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

  • Research Fellow
    • The School of Computational Sciences in the Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) invites applications for KIAS research fellow positions in the following areas.
      • Life Science
        • This position is for a Physicist/Chemist/Biologist trained in molecular modeling and computer simulation for 3D structure prediction of proteins including threading and homology modeling. Applications from scientists without direct experience in protein structure prediction are also encouraged. Good background and experience in statistical physics (preferably polymer systems) and skills in solving complex problems are required.
      • Theoretical and Computational Materials Science
        • This position is for a condensed matter theorist and theoretical materials scientist pursuing quantitative understandings of real solids and primarily utilizing various computational tools. 
      • Information Science
        • This position is for physicists or mathematicians working on quantum cryptography and/or quantum computing.
      • Theoretical and Computational Biophysics
        • The primary goal of this field is to understand biological phenomena at the molecular level by using molecular simulations and theoretical tools based on theoretical chemistry and soft condensed matter physics. The position is for theoretical chemists or biological physicists working on molecular biophysics, statistical biophysics, and computational biology.
      • Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science
        • This position is for a Mathematicians/Computer Scientist/Physicist trained in combinatorics, graph theory, algorithm and/or theoretical computer science.
      • Data Science
        • This field aims at understanding the structural and functional principles of complex systems by data analysis and quantitative modeling. Scientists with research experience in data-based modeling, statistical physics, dynamical systems, or complex networks are encouraged to apply.
    • Applicants are expected to have demonstrated exceptional research potential, including major contributions beyond or through the doctoral dissertation. The annual salary starts from 48,500,000 Korean Won(currency exchange rate); an individual research grant of 10,000,000 Korean Won and a welfare card will be available each year.
    • The initial appointment for this position is for two years with possibility of a one-time renewal for up to two years, depending on research performance and the needs of the research program at KIAS.
    • Applicants should email a standard cover sheet, a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, and a research plan and arrange for three letters of recommendation to be emailed directly to Ms. Deure Park [] by September 30, 2020 (23:59, GMT +9) for full consideration. All documents should be prepared in English, and KIAS Professors should not be included among the referees. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted individually for interviews.
    • ※ Further information on our latest call for applications is available from the link below (Deadline: September 30, 2020).
         2020-05 Recruitment Announcement for Research Fellow Positions at KIAS
    • ※ All KIAS employees are eligible for the retirement saving plan by Scientists & Engineers Mutual Aid Association (SEMA).
    • ※ KIAS offers 1 to 2 alternative military service positions for Korean scientists each year. For details, please contact the School staff.
    • Ms. Deure Park 
      Mathematics e-mail
      Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS)
      85 Hoegiro (Cheongnyangni-dong 207-43), Dongdaemun-gu,
      Seoul 02455, Republic of Korea
updated on 2020-04-06