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  • Introduction

Physics is a diverse and inclusive science discipline.  It has been and remains one of the main driving forces that underlie scientific and technological progresses in the modern world. It influenced development of natural and social sciences and made countless imprints on many engineering disciplines. From simple objects like classical gyroscopes and quantum lasers to immensely complicated devices that we encounter in hospitals, in semiconductor factories, and in pharmaceutical laboratories, there are few technologies that would have been possible without the hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge called Physics.

KIAS School of Physics operates within the relatively academic confine of theoretical physics. Nevertheless, given the immense scope of theoretical physics, there are, inevitably, many important and interesting topics that, at present, do not have major presence at KIAS. The School of Physics recognizes this and strives to attract young and independent scientists as members and visiting members, regardless of their specific scientific aims. Senior scientists of diverse experiences are also regularly invited to share views and dispense wisdom. As KIAS grows and evolves, the School of Physics hope to be home to many more ideas and innovations.