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FIELD Phys:StringTheory
DATE August 16 (Thu), 2018
TIME 16:00-18:00
PLACE 1423
SPEAKER Changha Choi
HOST Kim, Joonho
INSTITUTE Stony Brook University
TITLE Dualities and Phases of 3d N = 1 SQCD

Though gauge theories in 2+1 dimensions has been the subject of intense investigation over the years, theory with N=1 supersymmetry received relatively little attention until recently. This is mainly due to the lack of holomorphy in this theory, which makes unable to use powerful tools such as localization techniques. But still some main advantages of supersymmetry are available, such as Witten Index, which encode information about supersymmetric vacua. We study simplest N=1 gauge theory with one vector multiplet and one matter multiplet in arbitrary representation. We show a non-trivial phase diagram of the theory as a function of mass parameter, where it turns out that 1-loop superpotential is crucial to complete the pictures. For the fundamental matter, it turns out that there is a superconformal fixed point, where all vacua coalesce simultaneously, which leads to conjecture various N=1 dualities. We discuss emergent flavor, super, time-reversal symmetry implied by our dualities, and finally relation to the N=2 dualities.

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