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FIELD Phys:Particle Physics
DATE July 13 (Fri), 2018
TIME 16:00-18:00
PLACE 8406
SPEAKER Sichun Sun
HOST Wu, Peiwen
INSTITUTE National Taiwan University
TITLE Emergent dark matter in late universe

We discuss a scenario that the dark matter in late universe emerges as part of the holographic stress-energy tensor on the hypersurface in higher dimensional flat bulk. We construct a toy model with a de Sitter hypersurface in flat spacetime. After adding the baryonic matter on the screen, both of the dark matter and dark energy can be described by the Brown-York stress-energy tensor. We find an interesting relation between the dark matter and baryonic matter density parameters, by using the Lambda cold dark matter parameterization.
We further combine this holographic embedding of emergent dark matter with brane-world scenario and present a new parameterization for the Friedmann equation, which can be reduced to our toy constraint in the current universe. We also comment on the connection with the Verlinde's emergent gravity, where the dark matter is regarded as the elastic response of the baryonic matter on the de Sitter spacetime background. We show that from the holographic de Sitter model with elasticity, the Tully-Fisher relation and the dark matter distribution in the galaxy scale can be derived.

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