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Job Opportunities

2020 Recruitment Announcement for

Faculty Positions at KIAS

Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) was founded in 1996 by Korean Government to promote research excellence in the basic sciences. KIAS provides its members with a highly interactive, supportive, and dynamic research-friendly environment. Currently, KIAS is comprised of approximately 20 regular faculty members and 80 plus postdoctoral research fellows at the School of Mathematics, the School of Physics, and the School of Computational Sciences.
The School of Computational Sciences is seeking outstanding faculty candidates for two full-time Professor positions in the fields of Computational Biology and Data Sciences.

    For applications, please visit each school homepage on the right School of Computational Sciences


1. Recruitment Details

Position Category No. of
Research Area
Faculty Computational
□ Computational Sciences

  o Computational Biology
  o Data Sciences

2. General Qualifications

Required Qualifications

□ Those who are qualified under the “Korean State Public Officials Act”
   (Refer to the disqualifying factors listed in Article 33.)

□ Associate or Full Professor with Doctorate degrees in the relevant field

□ Demonstrated ability to lead multidisciplinary teams and develop junior scientists.

□ Strong verbal and written communication skills to communicate complex concepts and computational analyses clearly to
   influence diverse audiences.

(Computational Biology) Demonstrated research excellency and leadership in the area of computational biology such as large-scale
   molecular dynamics simulation, biological data analysis, and so forth, and have experience in problem solving using machine learning
   algorithm or artificial intelligence.

(Data Sciences) We are in search of a candidate not only equipped with outstanding computational skills to systematically process and
    analyze big data in modern sciences but also with a solid academic background to extract the underlying rules from the data and build
    a model verifiable through the laws of physics.

 3. Terms of Employment

Category Details
Contract Period
□ The initial appointment for the position is from one to three years and is renewable for up to seven additional years
   depending on overall research performance
□ Faculty members are provided with annual salary in accordance with KIAS regulations and covered by Korean
   national health insurance.

KIAS, 85 Hoegi-ro Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 02455, South Korea

4. Recruitment Process  
  a. Document screening
  b. Evaluation by the Ad Hoc committee (open lecture will be requested, if necessary)

5. Required Documents 
  a. Curriculum Vitae
  b. Publication List
  c. 5 Reference letters  (e-mailed by the referee to
  d. Research statement and additional materials that may help assess the candidate’s academic capabilities.
6. Application Submission 
  a. All application materials should be submitted via e-mail to:
  b. Period: March 20th, 2020 ~ April 15th, 2020.
7. Additional Information 
  a. If the information provided by the application materials is found to be untrue or false, the job offer will be withdrawn.
  b. The work level and annual salary of successful candidates will comply with KIAS personnel regulations and guidelines.
  c. No candidates may be hired if all applicants are found to be unsuitable during the screening stage.
  d. Applicants will take full responsibility for any consequences resulting from false information, omissions and errors in
     application materials, omission of required documents and so forth.
  e. Inquiries:






2020. 03. 20.

President of Korea Institute for Advanced Study